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Hammer and Nails is a twice-weekly collaboration with husband & wife team, Skip & Alison Bedell, who co-host Spike TV's Catch A Contractor with Adam Carolla. Skip, a licensed contractor, and Alison, a Probation Officer, are known for making everyone sick with how in love they are, and they love to offer relationship advice, and routinely discuss several topics like current events, DIY segment "Skip's Tips", Alison's "Random Thoughts", things that make them shout "What the F*ck?!", viewer/listener questions, and hysterical banter about what's happening in their lives. This is a raw, mostly unedited podcast with the Bedells while they record at home and on the road in the entertainment industry, and they will be sure to make you feel like you're sitting right there hanging out with them.
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Sep 25, 2015

The gang starts catching Joe up on the previous weekend. Alison went to the doctor and hopes to have results as good as Lynette's. She schools the guys on why they should consider the same treatment too. Skip was going to do another segment for Fox and Friends but the Pope got in his way. Alison reads a message board that has a lot of conclusions about her. Body jewelry in a painful place comes up. Skip reveals something very deep and personal.

Sep 22, 2015

The Bedells are on the road in San Jose for this podcast. They flew across the country to watch their friend Tito Ortiz fight for the championship belt in Bellator 142. They talk about the long weekend and then read listener questions and discuss a WTF when you leave something behind in a hotel room or plane.

Sep 15, 2015

Alison open reminding everyone to check out their new website They talk about their forthcoming trip to Atlanta, and the organization the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud, that is giving the Bedells the annual Protecting the People award. People who need information about how to hire people to work on their home can get loads of information from this organization for free. They describe their experience on an ancient American Airlines jet to Georgia, and the parking situations at Laguardia and Kennedy. Alison tells an iTunes reviewer about himself, and the guys make a song out of it. They take listener questions too!

Sep 11, 2015

Alison & Skip prepare to go to Georgia, and Alison has been catching up on neglected doctor appointments. She discusses hormone pellets and doctor office screw ups. Men who say "relax" are idiots. They complain about people who can't handle menial tasks, and then Skip explains how he met Joe a few years back, when he stole his equipment trailer. They discuss recently being interviewed by Bob Levy on his podcast, and conclude with Alison's obsession for making your outdoor seasonal furnishings last for many seasons and Skip's roof tips.

Sep 8, 2015

Skip and Alison finally talk about their new website,, and all of the various pages on it. They also have a separate link,, for listeners to find episode summaries, links to listen, as well as pictures related to what they spoke about and links to recommended products they spoke about. Skip discusses trying to balance new contracting jobs while juggling the entertainment industry. Then, set aside time to answer listener questions from Facebook. Skip offers some tips for around the home, and they tell a funny story about a water leak in their apartment in California.

Sep 4, 2015

Skip and Alison are recording from home this episode, "At The Ranch". They discuss their upcoming trip to Georgia for the "Protecting The People" award they are receiving next week in Georgia, and also their plans to attend Tito Ortiz' Bellator fight in San Jose. Alison describes just how close to the ring she wants to be. It could get messy. Alison finally gets around to her obsession over being comfortable on long flights, and shares her pillow research with the listeners. They go over the work involved in creating a website, and after looking at the pics they want to upload, reminisce over the Spike Guys Choice awards from the last two years. They sat at a really cool table this past show, although not quite as cool as Alison initially thought. Finally, They discuss the cool after party venues.

Sep 1, 2015

Skip & Ali give props to their fans, and people who have done nice things for them. They address listener questions, then they go over what they've been up to lately, including their appearance on the Anthony Cumia Show podcast, Fox and Friends Radio with Brian Kilmeade and then they invited him to come back for an appearance the week after on Fox and Friends on the Fox News channel. Alice Cooper was performing in concert on the show that day, too, and they got to meet him and talk for a while. Alice is a Catch A Contractor fan and kept making funny references to Skip about it every time they passed each other back stage and in the hallway. Later that morning, they shopped down 5th Avenue and looked at all the stores they couldn't shop in. They bring up the new website they are developing, and what people can look forward to seeing on it. Skip has a What the Fuck! situation with Pep Boys. Alison then rants (what a surprise!) about a car wash. Finally, they discuss a cool fan experience that someone had while up in Monterey with Adam Carolla while he was there for the annual races.