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Hammer and Nails is a twice-weekly collaboration with husband & wife team, Skip & Alison Bedell, who co-host Spike TV's Catch A Contractor with Adam Carolla. Skip, a licensed contractor, and Alison, a Probation Officer, are known for making everyone sick with how in love they are, and they love to offer relationship advice, and routinely discuss several topics like current events, DIY segment "Skip's Tips", Alison's "Random Thoughts", things that make them shout "What the F*ck?!", viewer/listener questions, and hysterical banter about what's happening in their lives. This is a raw, mostly unedited podcast with the Bedells while they record at home and on the road in the entertainment industry, and they will be sure to make you feel like you're sitting right there hanging out with them.
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Aug 28, 2015

Skip & Alison start by giving the fans props and talk about the nice things they have been saying on the internet. They also address podcast listener critiques. They discuss fan email and the strange things people send them. Alison suggests starting a Skip Fan Club, and who will join and what she can send members. Later they talk about their 2nd trip to Mohegan Sun to see another Bellator MMA fight. Hilarity ensues when fans try to take pictures with Skip during the fight, and then later when they go out to eat at Michael Jordan's restaurant, and Alison's heels cause a problem. They met another MMA champ, Josh Koscheck, too. Ali and Skip went out for Sushi lunch with Adam, and the restaurant turns out to be the strangest joint ever, from the limited menu to the nasty waitress. Finally, Kilo gets diarrhea at the worst possible moment.

Aug 25, 2015

Skip and Alison discuss filming Skips Tips sponsored by Dodge, and what a big production it was. They plan a trip to Las Vegas the next day which happens to fall on Memorial Day weekend. They rented a Harley and describe their long scary ride across the desert. Once they get there, they squeeze a weeks worth of fun into one long day and night. They discuss hotel hopping, crowded party pools and shopping on the strip. For dinner they enjoyed a home cooked meal with Skip's childhood friend, Frank, who owns Rao's restaurant at Caesars. Later on, they spend another long VIP night with Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Amber. They end with Skip's refinished decking tip and Alison's WTF hair touch up nightmare.

Aug 21, 2015

Skip and Alison open with discussing their early relationship and how they took long trips on the Harley all the time in the Northeast. Stories of adventures ensue. Then they talk about the night before when they went to see Van Halen and why it's difficult to get out of the house on time. Alison has a major beef with a popular ice cream chain in today's WTF, as well as issues with new frozen yogurt shops popping up. Skip then offers up some juicy painting tips that everyone should know about.

Aug 18, 2015

Skip and Alison take another day trip to NYC & end up at the Museum of Sex after an appointment. They check out the expansive sex toy selection in the downstairs store and then visited the various museum exhibits. Later in the day they meet up with Lynette Carolla at a bar for a Mangria tasting that she flew in town for. Then, they reminisce about their crazy Mangria night in LA that disabled Skip. Finally, lots of talk about sex ensues.

Aug 14, 2015

Skips gym workout is all consuming while Ali is trying to lose weight. Bedell cat issues. Getting crappy flowers delivered from phone order service and how to get results.

Aug 11, 2015

Skip and Alison attending the red carpet premiere of Adams documentary about Paul Newman, titled "winning", and the after-party. Also discuss viewing Adams movie from 2007, "The Hammer". Skip's WTF from the gym, and Alison's workplace WTF. Skip mentions tools that he likes and Alison gives a tip about her latest baking obsession. Finally, they discuss meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at Golds Gym in Venice.

Aug 7, 2015

Alison and Skip talk about getting to attend another Spike TV Bellator MMA fight and what they had to go through just to get inside. Once there they met some legends and Alison promptly dumps a beer on "someone". They discuss spending the remainder of the evening with new friends Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Amber. Later that week, Skip rolled on the mat with Tito at his training center. Alison and Skip have to shop for clothes to attend Adam's red carpet movie premiere for "winning". Alison takes issue with Skips pant preferences. The downside of sharing a bathroom with a crew."

Aug 4, 2015

The Bedells first "On The Road" (OTR) podcast recorded in LA while they are filming CAC. Skip having celeb sightings at Gold Gym, Ali's commuting blues, WTF with bike rentals and jerks on the bike paths. Morons determining if your ID is good enough. Everything pissing Ali off and the ensuing rant-fest.