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Hammer and Nails is a twice-weekly collaboration with husband & wife team, Skip & Alison Bedell, who co-host Spike TV's Catch A Contractor with Adam Carolla. Skip, a licensed contractor, and Alison, a Probation Officer, are known for making everyone sick with how in love they are, and they love to offer relationship advice, and routinely discuss several topics like current events, DIY segment "Skip's Tips", Alison's "Random Thoughts", things that make them shout "What the F*ck?!", viewer/listener questions, and hysterical banter about what's happening in their lives. This is a raw, mostly unedited podcast with the Bedells while they record at home and on the road in the entertainment industry, and they will be sure to make you feel like you're sitting right there hanging out with them.
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Aug 31, 2016

The kitchen is coming along, and Skip talks about what's behind the brick wall he put up.  Alison addresses the online comments on the wall.  They received some more cool battery stuff from Milwaukee and DeWalt, and some of it the ladies could like, too!  Weiner’s weiner is in the news again.  Britney Spears pissed Alison off. Some good gardening advice for your squash and cucumbers comes up.  Alison has some Random Thoughts.

Aug 27, 2016

Alison finally got approved for life insurance, and Skip better be careful because his big mouth is holding up his policy!  Skip talks about his abbreviated FOX appearance, and Alison gave him a reality check.  Skip’s getting a sty, and they recall a story when filming Catch A Contractor and Skip’s face was all messed up.  Alison had to be the bad guy again.  They discuss the difficulty of rejection in the entertainment industry.  Skip got a really scary call from the IRS!  They try to resolve the issue on the air.  Alison found the greatest shopping secret while shopping with Skip’s pregnant sister. Skip let something slip that Alison didn’t want to know about.  He just couldn’t keep it to himself. Finally, Alison found her idol on a NY subway train and Skip develops a new psychology therapy.

Aug 23, 2016

Alison updates Skip on the big changes she’s experiencing from her pellets, and then tells him how she caused the evacuation of a building.  They discuss the Ryan Lochte incident in Rio, and Matt Lauer’s interview.  Season 2 of 60 Days In has begun, and it’s looking pretty good, despite misleading representations of the first season participants.  Finally, they have a debate over the recent pledge of allegiance changes in schools.

Aug 20, 2016

A flashback episode from when the Bedells were really happy to hear that ACE was on the Howard Stern Show, but… some intervention was needed. The Bedells answer lots of listener questions, which includes a lot of home tips and a valuable pet tip.

Aug 16, 2016

The Bedells are happy to welcome radio show host and Good Day Oregon tv DIY specialist Eric Goranson!  The gang talk about tools, live tv broadcasting and crazy customers.  They take some questions from listeners and give some great tips.

Aug 13, 2016

The Bedells just got their long-awaited cabinet delivery, and Skip has been immersed in the kitchen, so they are bringing back an episode from last year that they think you'll enjoy.  The Bedells talk about Jared from Subway finally getting sentenced, and sex offenders.  Skip talks about a big renovation job he just started.  The Bedells also flew to LA this past weekend and Alison lost it on another passenger.  They discuss their appearance on the Adam Carolla Show this past week, and the internet response that followed.  They discuss the friends they stayed with, and Alison forgot one very important toiletry.  Skip answers questions and gives tips about mold detection and removal, detecting gas leaks, resurfacing decks, removing carpets for hard wood floors, and toilet water level.  Alison also asked the listeners a juicy question that got a lot of funny responses.

Aug 10, 2016

The Bedells are recovering from a long weekend wth family at the Jersey Shore.  They came home to evidence of rebellious vindictive cats.  Alison finally saw the uncensored version of Orlando’s bloom.  What’d she think of it?  Then some listener calls come in for Tip Tuesday!  Skip answers questions about lucite flooring, stick-on tile, male supplements, hanging full wall mirrors, quality paint and primers, smoking meat and weeds.  Alison found an alternative to a face lift.  Don’t forget to use the Bedells Amazon banner, which you can find at and!!

Aug 5, 2016

Skip is about to fall apart from all the tiling he’s been doing, and the Bedells are getting ready to go to the Jersey Shore this weekend for the family reunion.  Alison found some information about some Hollywood actors anatomy that was hugely surprising.  Ozzy has a sex addiction… really??  What classifies addiction and recovery?  The Bedells come up with a great idea to get revenge on Craigslist cheapskates.  The Bedells take live calls, and talk about solar power, stucco, and catch up with old CAC fans. Finally, they give an update on cutting the cable bill.

Aug 2, 2016

The Bedells are back at Joe Cumia’s studio again, and Joe served up some Jameson, and things got a bit cray cray all throughout.  The Bedells contemplate taking a cruise, after a suggestion by a Carolla fan, and Joe suggests they all go together.  The Bedells had a series of fails while trying to move forward on the renovation this past weekend.  Alison lost it on Skip in the grocery store… who was right and who was wrong?  Do you know some expressions that you don’t know the origin of?  Are they offensive?  Do you feel that you have an equal chance as anyone else to get a job that you are qualified for?  It’s Tip Tuesday and the Bedells answer question about AC ventilation, high end body products and natural vs chemical bug repellant.