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Hammer and Nails is a twice-weekly collaboration with husband & wife team, Skip & Alison Bedell, who co-host Spike TV's Catch A Contractor with Adam Carolla. Skip, a licensed contractor, and Alison, a Probation Officer, are known for making everyone sick with how in love they are, and they love to offer relationship advice, and routinely discuss several topics like current events, DIY segment "Skip's Tips", Alison's "Random Thoughts", things that make them shout "What the F*ck?!", viewer/listener questions, and hysterical banter about what's happening in their lives. This is a raw, mostly unedited podcast with the Bedells while they record at home and on the road in the entertainment industry, and they will be sure to make you feel like you're sitting right there hanging out with them.
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Mar 22, 2016

The Bedells remind everyone to check out to listen to new and older episodes.  They discuss Home Advisor and Angie’s List, and Skip talks about a former contractor friend who is now working with Home Advisor.  They discuss their opinions about those sites from a consumer and a service provider point of view.   Alison recounts her experience with an unlicensed contractor, before she met Skip.  Its Tip Tuesday, and Skip has a lot of questions from listeners.  He talks about sticking doors, hanging things with metal studs in the wall, pouring long driveways, rebuilding the entrance to a standing shower, cleaning concrete, torn window screens, removing weeds with Round Up, cutting in a pet door hole, and quieting noisy upstairs showers.  Skip gives insulation installation tips, as well as screw tips.  Alison has a Random Thought about a corpse and old, fancy furniture. They finish discussing things you can find with a UV light.

Mar 18, 2016

Skip and Alison are trying to get rid of stuff during their renovation, and selling on Craig’s list has been quite an annoying experience.  Alison found a VERY sexual zoning law in Georgia, and recited every last crazy word, some of which she had to Google.  They answer listener questions about Catch A Contractor, cheating, and who would be their “free pass”. Skip’s Tips cover hanging heavy pictures, gravel driveway and sealing a driveway. Alison goes over recent news topics, and the recent election developments.

Mar 15, 2016

Skip and Ali discuss clammy fan encounters, resting bitch face, tattoos and related experiences on the set of Catch A Contractor, and the hypocrisy of expectations.  It's Tip Tuesday, and Skip answers listener questions about weather stripping destroyed by pets, building furniture, leaky vent pipes, installing laminated counter tops, cracks in drywall, concrete flooring, drippy bathroom fans, lawyering floors, and he offers a bunch of really useful, unique painting tips.  Alison has an ice cream tip, and a WTF about a new feature in restaurant chains.  Don't forget to check out for all the episodes as well as summaries, links, recipes and the Amazon banner!

Mar 11, 2016

With the weather warming up, they Bedells have been enjoying the convertible and motorcycle, Skip reminds the bikers to take care of certain things to ensure the safest ride, and they recount the time they went down on the bike when going around a slippery corner.  Alison reminds the listeners to subscribe to the podcast so they can ensure they will get every episode, since iTunes has been very unreliable in putting newer episodes into the iTunes store.  Ali also suggests a “Tip Tuesday” to feature Skip’s Tips and more of a DIY segment on those days.  Alison noticed some gross videos on Twitter, with some freaks of nature.  Skip found some cool tech apps for your renovations.  Presidential candidates come up, and their different campaign styles.  Alison makes the best meatloaf ever, check out the recipe on the website  Skip gives some DIY tip follow up, and Alison recalls some funny stories from urine testing at work.

Mar 8, 2016

Skip has been making progress in the home renovation, and their new kitchen theme has gotten Skip a new addiction.  A granite mishap turned into a granite blessing.  Alison wants Skip to play a much larger part in the podcast, and wants to expand on the listener questions and Skip’s Tips.  They also invite listeners to ask questions about Catch A Contractor, since that segment never got launched.  Skip answers a lot of listener questions including flooring, bathrooms, walls, and more, and Alison answers a pet and gardening question.  Finally, Alison has Random Thoughts, and they remind everyone to see the episode summary on their website for the links to the products Skip talked about.  Please leave a good iTunes rating too, if you like what you hear!

Mar 4, 2016

Skip is making good progress in the renovation… he’s got the door back in the house and they can finally let the pets roam, which leads to a conversation about pet revenge.  Have you ever lived in a moldy apartment?  Alison watched 50 Shades of Grey, and gives a brief review, and how it coincides with their relationship.  They talk about some current events, including a cat torturer, the NYC Captain who abandoned shot officers, Ashley Graham, the current Sports Illustrated cover model and tiny houses given to the homeless.  Speaking of homeless, Alison tried to give away clothes to the homeless… find out why it was impossible.  Skip answers listener questions from contractors, and talks about bad customers.  Don’t forget Skip will be at the Nassau County Home show on April 9th at Hofstra University. Check out to listen to the podcast and also see the summaries and links!

Mar 1, 2016

Skip & Ali are back at the ranch, and talk about all the changes going on in their home, while Skip is making progress in the construction. Skip reminds everyone that they will be at the Hofstra Home Show on April 9th. They talk about the new Facebook features, and how Twitter can’t be relied upon anymore for verifications or followers. Alison has been having a very difficult time getting over Kilo, and she discusses her depression and her difficulty mourning. Skip offers some wisdom about grief. Skip has a great screwing tip, and Alison has a special tip for the ladies that’ll improve their every day look 100%. Don’t forget to check out to see the episode summary with all the links to the products they spoke about!

Mar 1, 2016

Skip and Alison talk with Joe about living in a construction zone, and Skip trying to unwind from all-day construction in their house, but not quite getting the result he was hoping for. Alison brings up the down side to only having one bathroom.  Skip gives tips about caulk and burying drainage pipes. Alison talks about the latest injustices she's dealt with in the criminal justice system.

Feb 5, 2016

The Bedells are in the studio with Joe today, and talk about Gina Grad's interview on her crappy cell connection earlier in the week. More interviews are forthcoming... on a land line!!! Bill Cosby is finally getting prosecuted, was Michael Jackson a child molester? Skip had some comments about inconsiderate people on his recent redeye. The Bedells advise that there will be some podcast server changes, so if you have trouble in the next couple of weeks finding the podcast, you can always hear it at

Dec 8, 2015

Skip and Alison talk about their home refinance, and returning underwear. Alison gives some hair tips from listener questions and then has a What the Fuck moment at McDonalds today. They discuss the Rousey - Holm rematch news. Skip gives tips on hanging towel bars, making your dryer more efficient and changing your washing machine hoses. Alison talks about Kilo not doing so well, and how ridiculous the cost of some diagnostic procedures are.

Nov 13, 2015

The Bedells open with a discussion about Skip's annoying habit of turning down the radio when they talk, while Alison is listening to something. The Bedells are getting ready for another trip to LA, and contemplate the difficulties of joining the mile high club. They reminisce about strange places they've been intimate, and Alison recalls a funny story about when she rented a porn video. More porn videos get discussed, and Skip recalls his story about when he got hit on by a trans guy. Alison schools Joe on Domestic Partner benefits, and Skip mentions new IRS scam phone calls, and Alison tells the guys about Nigerian dating scams. Alison talks about meeting people on dating websites, and some stories about the ladies she met. Please remember to tell your friends about!

Nov 10, 2015

Skip opens talking about his FOX and Friends DIY segment he did the day prior, giving money saving winterizing tips. Alison talks about all of the preparation involved in doing a segment and the anxiety Skip gets over trying to fit everything in. The Bedells then went to lunch with a friend, and the bill was wrong, and Alison gets uncomfortable. Alison discovers an internet troll who wrote mean-spirited comments online, and reveals what she discovered about him through a simple Google search. It soon becomes obvious why he is such an angry person. Kilo had a medical emergency that required surgery, and Alison was a wreck. Joe had a similar story, that really grosses the Bedells out. Alison talks about her obsession with the FoodSaver vacuum sealing bags. Holiday leftovers can now live in your fridge for years and stay fresh! The Bedells answer listener questions, including moist basements, satisfying your partner without getting it in return, and faking it.

Nov 6, 2015

The Bedells are at the ranch today, and talk about the 80's themed Halloween party they went to, and how they felt like they'd gone through a time machine. And then they went back to feeling old again. They talk about dealbreakers, and things people do to instantly turn you off at the moment they should be impressing you. The way they dress, the things they say, the things they feel... Skip & Alison then answer listener questions about resurfacing floors, repainting shelves, romex wiring and wet dishes in the dishwasher.

Nov 3, 2015

This episode opens with Skip & Joe, who have been consuming Mangria for the last hour. Skip has nothing to talk about because it turned out all of the stories he brought to the studio turned out to be debunked on Snopes. Alison asks Joe to explain how to use a bidet, after he mentioned his brother has one in his bathroom. Skip and Joe recall times they needed a bathroom, but didn't have one available. Smoking and vaping comes up, and they close the show with listener questions, including toilet porcelain stains, old crappy bicycles and a reminder about Alison's oatmeal cookie recipe and sweet potato method being found on their website, too.

Oct 30, 2015

Alison & Joe bond over toilet multi-tasking. Alison has a solution to his medical problem that can save him a lot of pain. Skip talks about the roofing videos he's making to help homeowners know what to look for when getting a job done. With Halloween around the corner, its a good time for the ladies to be a whore! Skip has a bunch of crazy news stories, which you won't believe when you hear them!! Skip answers a listener question about heating recommendations, and the gang closes sharing Mangria. Ding!

Oct 27, 2015

Alison & Skip discuss their weekend in scenic upstate New York spending time with family, including cousin Matt, who left Skip a flatulent text message last month. Alison felt uncomfortable not sharing her appetizer and explains why she stresses at parties. They answer listener questions, including baking the perfect sweet potato, wallpaper removal, gutter questions, gift giving for girlfriends and tile floor advice. And wtf with these water conserving toilets?

Oct 23, 2015

Skip and Ali open talking about her experience at the dentist, and somehow the conversation takes a turn to watching other drivers on the road doing things that you shouldn't see. Mean kids came up, high school reunions, and how karma kicks in in life. Masturbation, puberty and adolescence and all the awkward things that come with learning about these things. Why is the expression "making love" so weird??

Oct 16, 2015

Alison talks about the make-up tutorial videos she recorded over the weekend, and she's not happy with the results. Skip finally hosted another DIY segment on FOX and Friends, and talks about what it's like when you prepare, but nothing goes as planned. After the show, the Bedells went to New York ComicCon at the Javits center and met lots of gamer stars and CAC fans, as well. The Bedells recount the time they went to see Adam Carolla perform live with the friends they made season 1 filming Catch A Contractor. The night ended up to be quite a mess. Alison finds an article on CNN's website that causes some concern for Skip's health. Finally, they answer listener questions.

Oct 2, 2015

The Bedells are recording from the home studio, "At The Ranch". They are starting to use Periscope more and invite the listeners to sign up so they can all connect. Skip goes into all of the behind the scenes prep that's involved in preparing for his upcoming appearance again on Fox And Friends morning show. They remind the listeners that their website, has a contact page to communicate with them, as well as episode summaries, pictures, Amazon links and a podcast player. Alison talks about listening to the Sex With Emily podcast, and how very explicit it gets, as well as great tips Emily gives for a healthy sex life. Alison's extended family doesn't watch Catch A Contractor, and she talks about how people don't behave the way she would expect them to. Would you buy dirty underwear on eBay? Skip gives a drippy faucet tip. Finally, they get really personal and Skip offers some really profound advice from his own life experiences, and the valuable wisdom his dad imparted on him.

Sep 25, 2015

The gang starts catching Joe up on the previous weekend. Alison went to the doctor and hopes to have results as good as Lynette's. She schools the guys on why they should consider the same treatment too. Skip was going to do another segment for Fox and Friends but the Pope got in his way. Alison reads a message board that has a lot of conclusions about her. Body jewelry in a painful place comes up. Skip reveals something very deep and personal.

Sep 22, 2015

The Bedells are on the road in San Jose for this podcast. They flew across the country to watch their friend Tito Ortiz fight for the championship belt in Bellator 142. They talk about the long weekend and then read listener questions and discuss a WTF when you leave something behind in a hotel room or plane.

Sep 15, 2015

Alison open reminding everyone to check out their new website They talk about their forthcoming trip to Atlanta, and the organization the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud, that is giving the Bedells the annual Protecting the People award. People who need information about how to hire people to work on their home can get loads of information from this organization for free. They describe their experience on an ancient American Airlines jet to Georgia, and the parking situations at Laguardia and Kennedy. Alison tells an iTunes reviewer about himself, and the guys make a song out of it. They take listener questions too!

Sep 11, 2015

Alison & Skip prepare to go to Georgia, and Alison has been catching up on neglected doctor appointments. She discusses hormone pellets and doctor office screw ups. Men who say "relax" are idiots. They complain about people who can't handle menial tasks, and then Skip explains how he met Joe a few years back, when he stole his equipment trailer. They discuss recently being interviewed by Bob Levy on his podcast, and conclude with Alison's obsession for making your outdoor seasonal furnishings last for many seasons and Skip's roof tips.

Sep 8, 2015

Skip and Alison finally talk about their new website,, and all of the various pages on it. They also have a separate link,, for listeners to find episode summaries, links to listen, as well as pictures related to what they spoke about and links to recommended products they spoke about. Skip discusses trying to balance new contracting jobs while juggling the entertainment industry. Then, set aside time to answer listener questions from Facebook. Skip offers some tips for around the home, and they tell a funny story about a water leak in their apartment in California.

Sep 4, 2015

Skip and Alison are recording from home this episode, "At The Ranch". They discuss their upcoming trip to Georgia for the "Protecting The People" award they are receiving next week in Georgia, and also their plans to attend Tito Ortiz' Bellator fight in San Jose. Alison describes just how close to the ring she wants to be. It could get messy. Alison finally gets around to her obsession over being comfortable on long flights, and shares her pillow research with the listeners. They go over the work involved in creating a website, and after looking at the pics they want to upload, reminisce over the Spike Guys Choice awards from the last two years. They sat at a really cool table this past show, although not quite as cool as Alison initially thought. Finally, They discuss the cool after party venues.

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